tip: bi+ conversation group, english young adult edition

“This bi+ conversation group is for anyone who is attracted to more than one gender and wants to talk about that with like-minded people. A group discussion is conducted based on a theme. We exchange experiences, gain recognition from each other, search together, find together, search again and celebrate our bi+ feelings together.

​Some of you requested an evening to talk about bi+ feelings in English. Others wanted to be around people in the same stage of life. This evening I combine the two and invite all younger people (say up to 35 years or so – but you are as young as you feel) who can talk English well enough to talk about our bi+ feelings with each other in English.
Welcome to all international people who hopfully did find the free spirit the Netherlands is known for, but have probably also discovered the hard reality that it is not so free as it should be. And also welcome for all the Dutch young people who struggle with the same.”

More info: https://www.mede-mens.com/bi-gespreksgroep.html