tip: the international bisexuality research conference

Bi+ aanrader: zaterdag 24 september, online via Zoom: The International Bisexuality Research Conference. In het Engels. Aanmelden via deze website.

“Join our global digital conference! The 2nd Annual International Bisexual Research Conference is a free, daylong conference for anyone interested in learning about bisexual, pansexual, Two-Spirit, queer, fluid, polysexual, plurisexual, and unlabeled experiences.

The conference will feature work from Bi+ researchers affiliated with universities, independent scholars, activists, artists, and community members.

Over 500 people attended the 2021 International Bisexual Research Conference!

We look forward to welcoming people from all disciplines and levels of education to present their work. In addition to traditional research presentations, we encourage submissions for other forms of media, including poetry, literary reflection, creative nonfiction, fiction, and visual arts. We endeavour to provide opportunities for everyone to share their work, regardless of stage of educational journey.”