Join us at the next edition

of the bi+ world meetup!

Let’s meet, share stories and be part of a global bi+ network!

“The bi+ world meet ups provide an unique and precious opportunity to connect with bi+ people from a wide range of countries. We all have different experiences, and we also have so much in common. For me, being in this space feels affirming – like a big, warm global hug – and I love getting to know bi+ people from other parts of the world!” – Robyn Ochs

Everyone is welcome whether you are new to the bi+ community or a long time member of the community. This meet up is a great opportunity to connect with each other! We provide a safer space for bi+ people from all over the world in a low-key, friendly and free video call. Each meeting has a host who proposes topics to talk about. These topics vary, but always lead to interesting, fun or caring conversations, we would love for you to be a part of!

The host will provide a 90 minute program. Afterwards the meeting will stay open for those who would like to keep hanging around. 

If you have any questions or accessibility concerns, feel free to email


To accommodate people in various time zones, we will have TWO meetups: