We are Bi+ Nederland, the Dutch equality organization for bi+ people and bi+ inclusion. While our main focus is on the Netherlands, we are growing our international work by bringing the international bi+ community together, translating documents and articles, and participating in and contributing to international (advocacy) events.

This part of our website is a work in progress.

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In an ideal world, people give each other space to be themselves in how they want to experience love, lust, desires and relationships. In an ideal world, everyone is encouraged and supported in this rather than restricted. Of course, within the frameworks of mutual consent, respect and equality. This is what a bi+ inclusive society looks like.

Achieving a bi+ inclusive society requires attention to three norms that can be limiting for bi+ people:

  • the monosexual norm: you are attracted to ‘the same’ or the ‘other’ sex (gay/heterosexual);
  • the binary male/female norm: there are two genders (male/female);
  • relationship norms: relationships are exclusive, monogamous and always consist of two partners.

Our vision is that by 2030, bi+ is seen as a self-evident, positive and equal sexual orientation in the Netherlands.